Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct forms the basis of the standards we expect all explorers to uphold and champion it. We don’t feel that any of this is above and beyond anything deemed acceptable.

We expect all explorers, parents and leaders to sign up to this code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

  • Uniform must be worn by all until allowed to remove for activities.
  • Be quiet when others are talking, do not talk over people.
  • No mobile phones, phones to be handed in at start of night.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • No degrading or disrespectful comments or behaviour to others
  • No Bullying.
  • No inappropriate behavior.
  • Relationships are fine but must not influence weekly meetings or events.
  • 100% effort to be put into every activity.
  • Respond to instructions quickly and without question.
  • Make new Explorers feel welcome.
  • Uphold the Scout Law and Promise

3 Strikes Rule

Within explorers we operate a fair 3 Strikes Rule. This by recording a strike after bad behaviour, braking the Code of Conduct or not upholding to the Camp Rules. Once you have reached 3 strikes you will be asked to leave explorers.

When you receive a strike you will be told with multiple leaders present and also will be in front of other explorers. An email will also be sent to both explorer and parents/guardians. Depending on what the incident is if we deem more that one strike is appropriate then more that one may be given. If the incident warrants 3 strikes they will be asked to leave on the spot and OSM contacts will be called and a meeting will be arranged to discuss future membership in Burton Explorers

This does not stop you joining a different explorer unit outside of Burton. However please note that if you are on District or County Event or International trip you will lose your place. County events work on a "District Allocations" so your place will be replaced by another member within the district. This will also surrender any fundraising you have done towards the event.

Please see our Camp Rules & Expectations which also applies when on Camp

Camp Rules