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Why do DofE with us?

As the best provider of The Duke of Edinburgh Award in Burton Upon Trent and Surrounding Areas, you can partake in the knowledge that you will be under the supervision of well trained time served leaders who's aim is to help and promote achievement whilst ensuring the award criteria is correctly met

We provide The Duke of Edinburgh Award through scouting in Explorers and Network which means it is ran by volunteers rather than a profit making organisation who need to charge more to cover their costs and expenses. This means we are considerably better priced. We do it because we love it.

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Questions & answers

Why do the Duke of Edinburgh Award ?

The DofE gives you the chance to do something completely new and improve on things you’re already doing. It takes you out of your comfort zone and into a place where you’ll push yourself and have amazing new experiences. You’ll build confidence, resilience, skills for work and friendship groups. And you’ll have a brilliant time doing it.

All my friends are doing DofE but i'm not yet 14?

If you are in Year 9 but are only 13 years old, you may be able to start a Bronze DofE programme if most of your friends are already 14 – Please et in touch with us.

What supervision and safety is in place ?

Your child’s wellbeing and safety is a priority. We are a DofE Licensed Organisations (LOs), which run DofE programmes, and have sufficient policies and procedures in place and we ensure our Leaders and Expedition Supervisors and Assessors are trained to high standards. We also have the correct insurance – back up by the Scout Association.

What discounts do we offer ?

Everyone receives a DofE Reward Card to get discounts on things like kit, and equipment expeditions don’t need to be expensive.

On top of that we offer a 10% off for friends and family at Go Outdoors above and beyond the DofE standard offering.

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